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Making Dying Illegal

The architecture body in stress through the lens of biology and spatial design


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The starting motive behind this work is spotting a light on the hazard effect of chronic stress endured by alienated figures in society. Here chronic stress is investigated biologically; how it affects the nature of the body, the cells, DNA and experience dependent genes. In addition, this research focuses on how technology, cognition, perception and spatial design are in constant weave, creating our lived realities. Spatial design is presented with a nature of ‘wider inclusions’, where biological and technological understandings are included in the fabrication of future spatial contexts.

In brief, this startup research aims to investigate the interdisciplinary relations between the environments within our cells, the environments outside our cells (in the body), and the spatial environments outside our bodies, then gather this knowledge and navigate possibilities of new worlds for stressful troubling futures. Where the emotions of joy -as counter of stress emotions-  are stimulated by innovative spatial contexts.

Thanks to the StimuleringsFonds for supporting this research project